• New Baby Gift - New Friendship

    A baby's birth. Such a happy time for all involved, and in particular for one special Grand Aunt who is going the distance to show her love.
  • God Bless America

    God bless America, my home sweet home. ....... These events, out of our control, unite us all in wanting an end to the suffering.
  • Who Turned Up The Heat?

    It's hot, a heatwave! Tips, thanks and prayers to get through the Summer heat.
  • The Fires of Hell

    Brushfires, evacuations, and all other suffering here on earth can remind us of the fires of hell. Let them be cleansing fires.
  • Etsy Purchase Feature #1

    A wedding game printable from Etsy was a great addition to our rehearsal dinner. Thanks Mindy of Wild Truth Design Co.
  • Fire! Prepare to Evacuate!

    It's 4:15 in the morning, a police car pulls up and we are told the fire probably won't get to us, but we should prepare to evacuate.

    God provided for our neighbor, working through the help of many, and I know He would get us through any tragedy as well. Faith, hope, and realizing what is most important in life are never wasted lessons, no matter how they are learned.
  • Diving In!

    Diving in to Summer with my first post. Come join a cradle Catholic on the waves of life.