Wedding Rehearsal Game:

My son got married not long ago.  Being parents of the groom, tradition had us in charge of the wedding rehearsal dinner.  Wanting to have something fun, I knew a creative shop owner on Etsy would have a good printable game we could use while we waited for our food orders to arrive.  I was not disappointed!

After doing a search on wedding rehearsal games, I ended up eventually purchasing a wonderful printable from a seller named Mindy of Sizzle Cone Designs, now Wild Truth Design Co.

She personalized the game with the happy couple's names in their chosen colors, I was able to open the file and print them with ease at home, and happily had one more thing checked off the wedding to-do list!  The evening of the rehearsal dinner the game turned out to be a great distraction, and the couple had fun reading the amusing results to all attending the dinner.

Have you purchased an item on Etsy for a wedding?  Tell about it in the comments! :-)