It seemed like the song for the church chimes this morning.  A holiday weekend with many people in the US suffering from conditions caused by nature.

Hurricane Harvey has made a mess out of the Houston, Texas area.  So many people flooded out of their homes!  The devastation touches all; rich, poor, young, old, and all nationalities.

I sit now looking out of my house at smokey haze so bad it is now considered hazardous.  Fires rage in WA, OR, CA and MT.  Many have been told to evacuate, or worse yet, lost their home.  Again, the devastation, directly or indirectly, touches us all. 

These events, out of our control, unite us all in wanting an end to the suffering.

God wants to touch us all, and unite us all too.   Unlike the weather, we can control this.  We can choose to let God and His will control our lives.  We can pray for each other.  We can seek the truth.  We can speak and act with love.  The tragedies of this past week or so have shown us that kindness and love are out there.  God is alive and out there with us if we only let Him in.

May God Bless America, my home sweet home, today and always!