A baby's birth.  Such a happy time for all involved, and in particular for one special Grand Aunt I've had the pleasure to meet. 

We haven't met in person but have emailed and spoken on the phone several times.  A delightful lady!  She had a wonderful idea to personalize my Guardian Angel print for her new Grand Nephew, including a very special message on the back side.  It started with the print as shown in the photo.

As we've been working on the personalization, we've also discussed family, faith and fires (see my previous posts).  We both feel fate brought her to my web site and that we were meant to cross paths to meet and work together for the purpose of creating a one of a kind gift.

We are nearing the final draft and mailing of the finished print.  However, I feel once the order is complete we will continue to keep some contact somehow to bridge the many miles between us.  

Even if I was never to hear from her again, working on this has been a wonderful experience. Knowing it is going to make the recipient feel extra special and loved when he is older is something I hope to have a chance to repeat in the future.

For now, I thank God for people such as this customer who want to leave a legacy of faith and love with the next generation.  That is what she is doing in my opinion, and I'm honored to be a small part of the memories and history being lovingly created for this precious baby.

Do you have a memory of a special item you made for someone?